Talon Survival Store – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions below.  Click in the question and it will take you right to the answer.

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And without further ado, the answers to your most frequent questions.

Why have you put together the Talon Survival Store?

The simple answer was because our readers asked for it! Many of our readers requested a place where they could find products we recommend without the headache of sifting through hundreds of similar items.  The Talon Survival Store is a hand picked list of equipment we have used and tested.  We do not recommend any products or brands that we have not tried ourselves.

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Why do I see “Powered by Amazon.com” to the top right of the Store page?

In order to maintain a low overhead and bring you more for less, we maintain a working relationship with Amazon to manage the logistics and order processing.  All items you add to your shopping cart will be transferred to your Amazon Shopping Cart when you are ready to check out.  This allows you to find all the items we recommend in one place without any marketing, up-sales, or hunting around to find what you are looking for while still providing you the world class online ordering experience you get with Amazon.com.

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How do I navigate the store?

When you first enter the store, you are brought into a our Store Front which includes all of the products we offer.  This list can be quite long an cumbersome to sift through.  We highly recommend you browse our store using our Categories using the “Browse By Catagory” menu located on the top right of the Store page. Many of the main categories also have sub-categories which will become visible when you click on the main category to further narrow your search.  We have worked hard to organize our items into the appropriate categories to bring you the best shopping experience possible.

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Is there a search menu?

Unfortunately we do not have a search option specific to the Talon Survival Store at this time.  We are currently working to get it added as soon as possible.  In the meantime, please use the Categories section on the right hand side of the store to help you find what you are looking for.

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I’m an Amazon Prime member, are the items eligible for the Prime benefits?

Although it doesn’t show in the Talon Survival Store, items that are Prime eligible will show their eligibility when you click on the checkout button and they are moved to your Amazon cart for final checkout.

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Why can I not add some items to my cart, but I can still buy them from Amazon.com?

Due to Amazon policies, certain items are only available for sale on Amaon.com and will not allow our readers to add to the Talon Store cart. For these items, you can simply click the “Buy on Amazon” button which will take you the Amazon site where you can add directly to your Amazon Shopping Cart and complete your purchase. These items include but are not limited to, digital versions of products such as Kindle books, Audible books, etc.
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Why does the Talon Store not resize completely to fit my mobile phone screen?

The Talon Store was initially designed for desktop use and is best viewed on a computer or table rather than a mobile device at this time. It is a technical issue we are aware of and working to improve as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you have to use a mobile device when visiting the store, you will find the best performance if you turn your phone sideways and navigate the store in landscape mode. Just be sure you have the rotation lock feature turned off on your phone!
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But what if I prefer shopping on Amazon? Can I find your items there?

Absolutely! You can click here to head straight to Amazon and shop there directly while still supporting Talon Survival. When you use this link and make a purchase items within the next 24 hours, we get a small commission from the purchase at no additional cost to you! This allows us to continue to provide you awesome content and reviews. You are also welcome to use any of the links included in the articles posed on this site.
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What if I want to save an item from your store in my Amazon shopping cart for later?

No problem! Add the item(s) into your Talon Survival Store shopping cart. After you have added your last item to the Talon Survival Cart, select “Proceed to Checkout”. This will the give you a prompt requesting you to move all the items into your Amazon Shopping Cart. From your Amazon Shopping Cart, you can leave the item in there until you are ready to check out at Amazon, or even select the “Save For Later” feature and keep them in your Amazon Cart for a later day when you are ready to finalize your purchase.
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How does the Talon Survival Shopping Cart work in conjunction with Amazon?

All items you add to your shopping cart at the Talon Survival Store will be transferred to your Amazon.com shopping cart when you are ready to check out.  You will then complete your purchase through Amazon.

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What is the Return Policy for items purchased through the store?

All items you shop for on the Talon Survival Store are sold through Amazon.com or an Amazon Merchant as part of the Amazon Marketplace.  Please see the return policy for Amazon or the Marketplace seller you purchased the item(s) from.  This information can be found on your invoice under the “My Orders” section of your Amazon.com account.

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Is my transaction secure? On iOS I get an alert that “this form is not secure” when adding an item to my shopping cart.

It’s ok!  You will be moved to a secure connection before any money changes hands.  Because we partner with Amazon, when you click the checkout button, your computer will automatically establish a secure connection and transfer your items over to your amazon shopping cart where you can complete your checkout.

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