Home Emergency Supply Kit Checklist

Home Emergency Supply Kit Checklist in Action

Whether it is a flood, hurricane, winter storm, or natural gas leak, a large number of natural and human caused incidents can cut off our access to grocery stores and impact local infrastructure.  Unless you live on a farm, the just-in-time society we live in causes incidents like these to sever our link to our primary food supply, power sources, and clean water.

Let’s face it, you and your neighbors are on your own for the first few days when a disaster cuts you off from the rest of the world.  Help from first responders is initially limited to life safety measures, not providing commodities to the population at large.

At Talon Survival we believe it is imperative for every family to have enough supplies to be self-sufficient for a period of at least 7 days.  The longer the better (we will discuss this in other articles), but 7 days should be the absolute minimum.  Your Home Emergency Supply Kit or “HES Kit” is a list of supplies you have around your home (not necessarily in one location) which you can quickly locate to support you and your family when disaster strikes.

System Snapshot

Persons: Family
Age: All
Time Period: 7 Days Minimum
Climate: All

The Checklist

Our Home Emergency Supply Kit Checklist below provides a list of the minimum set of supplies you should consider having on hand to sustain your family during emergencies that cut you off from your local resources.  Although our checklist is climate agnostic, we recommend you add or swap items to adapt to the needs of your family, home, and local weather.  We have even included an additional items section to allow the write in of additional articles.

Within the checklist we have included links to items which we use and recommend here at Talon Survival (found in blue text).  We do make a small commission off of the items, but at no additional cost to you.  If you do choose to purchase any of the recommended items online, please use our links, as it helps us to provide you with additional checklists and content.

Download The Home Emergency Kit Checklist!

Looking for Gear?

Save some time doing your research from the ground up.  Check out our Talon Survival Recommended Gear list which is a comprehensive list of equipment we use and recommend.  We never recommend anything that we haven’t tested or use ourselves.

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