Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist In Action

Hurricanes can form in a matter of hours and don’t always provide much warning.  Grocery store shelves quickly become bare.  Lumber, tools, and generator supplies in the region are soon depleted.  The more preparation you can complete during the season before a storm forms, the less you will have to scramble when one threatens.

When landfall is imminent, a large number of actions and decisions have to be taken in a very short period of time.  Overlooking an item can have major impacts on your family.  Are you planning to stay or evacuate? Do you have the supplies to board up your home?  What do you plan to do if the power goes out?

Help avoid a missed step and use our Hurricane Preparedness Checklist to prepare both during the season and when impact is imminent and the seconds count.  Our checklist provides a list of actions to prepare your family and residence for the impacts associated with hurricanes and tropical storms.

Download the Hurricane Prep Checklist

Don’t Forget Your Supplies

In addition to this checklist which focuses on actions, use our Home Emergency Supply Checklist to ensure you have the minimal set of supplies to be self-sustainable for a hurricane, tropical storm, or other disaster.  Take it with you to the store when preparing your home before landfall or when you purchase online because your local stores are out of stock.  It will help to ensure you get all the essentials for riding out the storm or coming back to deal with recovery.

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