14 Amazing Uses for Everclear

Everclear Fuel

Space in any emergency kit is a commodity.  It is always a benefit to include a tool or product in your kit that has multiple uses.  It can save space, weight, and allow for a simpler pack out.  Everclear is a multi-use product that can be a great addition to your kit.

Everclear is a brand of high proof grain ethyl alcohol.  It has a number of uses that can benefit anyone. Whether you’re preparing home for an emergency, assembling your bug out bag, or even preparing for your next trip on the hiking trail, there is a use for you.  Here are 14 uses for Everclear so you can determine if it is right for you.


Everclear makes a great fuel for cooking with alcohol stoves.  There are a number of alcohol stove options from the homemade soda can stove, Trangia, or Evernew titanium stove. We are a big fan of the Trangia as it allows you to store up to 4oz of alcohol in the system to save you additional space.  4 oz of Everclear as fuel with the Trangia will give you anywhere from 45-60 minutes of runtime in low wind conditions.

Fire Starter

Even if you’re not looking to cook with an alcohol stove, Everclear can also be used as a fire starter.  Saturate a cotton ball or other tinder with this fuel to help get your fire a glow.

Disinfectant SprayDisinfectant

Use it to disinfect minor scrapes and lacerations by pouring onto the wound or applying with a sterile cloth.  It is just as painful as isopropyl alcohol, so it may not be your first choice.  But it is much better than a life-threatening infection from a small wound when emergency care is not readily available.


Clean your electronics, appliances, and more.  Use for all the same cleaning uses as isopropyl alcohol.  Place a little Everclear on a rag and put in a little elbow grease to clean up.  Removing tree sap (or other resins) from your hands or equipment.   Or dilute with water and use as a general cleaner for counters, etc.  It’s is a great solution.  The alcohol fully evaporates within a few minutes leaving no residue and the smell only lingers for a short period of time.

everclear-shotAdult Beverage

While it may burn a little going down, its antiseptic properties will clean your mouth and mellow you out after a stressful day on the trail or when dealing with a disaster.  Other alcohols you find at the hardware store or pharmacy have cleaning or sterilization properties, but are not consumable.    Everclear is one of the only consumable alcohols with these properties that can also serve as a libation at the end of the day.  However, drink responsibly, it’s potent stuff.


In an emergency situation, you may not be able to take a bath, so being able to freshen up is a real morale booster.  Everclear can be used as an astringent to clean oily skin or as a makeup remover to clear out those pores.

Cut Stains

Everclear has solvent properties and can be used to remove stains from oils, ink, sap, grass, or vomit.  Blotting with a alcohol soaked cotton ball as a spot treatment is the best option.  However I wouldn’t recommend using on rayon, wool, or silk.

dye-glassCut Dies

Need to make that food coloring go further or need a little bit lighter color?  Use Everclear to cut the food coloring to give you that artistic look on your culinary creation.

Keep Clothes Smelling Fresh

Put some Everclear in a spray bottle and spray your clothes, the disinfectant properties of the alcohol will kill the bacteria causing the odor and will not leave a residual smell.


Bacteria causes odor and Everclear kills bacteria.  Although it may not be your first choice, a few drops of essential oils with Everclear in a spray bottle can deodorize those pits.


Can’t go to the store and buy your favorite fragrance?  Everclear can be used with a mixture of essential oils and water to make a perfume.  Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and you are ready for your important date.

Insect Killer

Ok, some may consider this a waste of alcohol, but in a pinch it can get the job done. A little Everclear in a spray bottle can bring you a win during your next insect encounter with ants or roaches.


Everclear Insect Repellent

Insect Repellent

A mixture of Everclear and lemon eucalyptus essential oils can help keep away mosquitos and other “no see ums” that bite in the night.  Lemon eucalyptus oil is recommended by the CDC as an approved natural alternative to DEET.  That said, tread carefully if using on children (as alcohol can absorb through the skin and essential oils can be quite potent).  And don’t use near an open flame as the mixture is quite flammable.

Air Freshener

A mix of Everclear and essential oils can freshen a room just like it can freshen your fragrance.  The disinfectant properties kill bacteria while the alcohol also acts as a thinner and dilutes the oils and make the fragrance last longer when sprayed.  A quick google search will find you a number of recipes, but you can click here for a few to start with.  Be sure to shake well before each use.

Get the Strongest Proof Possible in your State

A number of states including California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Iowa, Michigan, New York, Nevada, Ohio, Washington, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Minnesota (as of 2015) have banned Everclear 190 due to its high alcohol percentage. At 190 proof (95% alcohol by volume), Everclear 190, is the strongest offered by the manufacturer.  Many states that ban Everclear 190 however, do allow the sale of Everclear 151.  This version is diluted with water to lower the alcohol volume to 151 proof (75.5 % alcohol by volume).  While Everclear 151 is still useful for some of the above uses, it is less effective for many due to the elevated water content.

Not the Cheapest but Very Versatile

While Everclear is not the cheapest fuel on the block, it allows for more versatility than many other fuels.  Whether a survival situation or a backpacking trip, a product that has multiple uses is advantageous.  Spend a little extra to use less space and save weight.  Have other uses you know about that we didn’t include here?  Share it in the comments below.

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  • Ed

    I don’t know where you get your information, but Everclear is NOT banned in the state of Washington. One other useful tip, you can use Everclear to clean the rust off your tools in the garage.

    • Raven

      Thanks for the update Ed. Looks like the source information was a little outdated for Washington. Article updated. Great tip as well!

  • Geof Lipsett

    I buy mine in Massachusetts. Your article states it is banned there.

  • Michael O Walker

    I use it to clean old guns that are gummed up due to sitting long periods of time.
    I cleaned an old sharps that was stored for 60 years in a tarp in an attic. Mice and time really did a number on this guy, but everclear cleaned it up very well.

  • Connie

    We have a lot of trees and it seems like I’m always cleaning up branches and mess. Pine sap is the worst! Thanks for the tip!

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